We are only snacks manufacturing company who adopted the utilisation of waste wood as FUEL technology

  • As we are in the snacks food industry, we have adopted the latest frying technology for manufacturing the snacks, especialy the FUEL used by us is WASTE WOOD, the wastage of vanier mills, one of the best ENERGY CONSERVATION measures taken by us is fully environmental friendly
  • Our Snacks manufacturing system and plant and machineries are based upon heat transferring technology along with continuous online process
  • The system is totally pollution free and helps protect the environment by consuming wood which would otherwise have been waste
  • Some years back we were running our plant on Diesel, the using of firewood has helped us achieve.
  • Pollution Free Unit
  • Saving of valuable Diesel
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Perfect quality by constant controlled heat
  • Solves the space problem of storage of waste wood